Cheap Baby Boy Shower Ideas

When it comes to baby showers for boys, blue is the color for everything.

A baby shower is a fun way to shower a new mom with affection, help and gifts before the big event of having a new baby boy. Whether the event is a simple party for family and friends or a much more formal occasion, it is important that the focus stay on the new mom and dad, not on how much money is spent. For a new baby, most friends and family will pitch in, offer help and make the event a memorable one for everyone.


Food for a baby shower does not have to be complicated. It's very simple and inexpensive to put together deli platters so everyone can make a sandwich or have appetizers and snacks everyone can munch on. A potluck dinner is an inexpensive way to have a big meal without having to worry about guests having enough to eat. Enlist everyone's help, except the mom-to-be, and have each bring a different type of dish to pass. The cake doesn't have to be fancy; a simple homemade cake is usually enough to satisfy the sweetest tooth.


Many people enjoy the silliness that goes along with the baby shower games. Simple prizes like soaps, lotions and other small items are welcome, but not necessary. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on prizes for the shower, ask a friend or two who sell makeup, candles or jewelry to provide the prizes, in exchange for distributing their catalog and making a sale or two at the shower. Items for baby shower games are usually inexpensive: String and scissors is all that is needed to "Guess Mom's Tummy Size"; pen and paper for each person to name as many baby items as you can in 2 minutes.


Decorations for a baby shower don't have to be extravagant. Flowers are nice because you can give them away as prizes and decorate with them. Baby bottles can be used as centerpieces and filled with candies -- then given to the new mom at the end of the shower. White holiday lights you already own are a nice way to decorate a room or a deck. Find items you planned on purchasing for the new mom anyway and use them to decorate the party place. Rattles, toys, cloth diapers, pictures of babies from magazines or even favorite children's book character pages can be framed and placed around the room. Sports themes are very popular for boy baby showers, so even if you have some sports equipment laying around, like a baseball bat, you can hang that up on the wall along with other sporty items.

Have everyone make a baby shower card when they first arrive at the shower, using markers and stickers. If you know the name of the new baby boy, have guests write a welcome card to him as well. Use clothespins to hang the personalized wishes from a string hanging across the room like a clothesline.


Gifts don't have to be expensive to be useful. Ask friends to empty their closets and look for older or unused boy baby clothes they don't need any more. These can be washed and pressed to look perfect for a new baby. Thrift stores and yard sales are usually full of boy baby clothes that were never worn or only worn once or twice. If the new mom needs a large item like a car seat or stroller, ask several moms to go in on such a gift.

Make up a bag for mom to take to the hospital. Put in all the things that will be helpful for her. These can be items you purchase or items everyone donates. Enclose cozy socks, a nail file, cotton swabs, magazines, a few treats you know she likes, a music CD she might enjoy and travel sizes of bath needs.