How to Get a Hardship Loan or Grant

Hardship applies to a condition of financial lack, viewed as a temporary status or as a general condition for a student. It is very common for a student with a hardship condition to receive a continuing education grant. In fact, the same student may receive several hardship grants before graduation. Hardship loans are more commonly given to students experiencing a temporary hardship. College financial aid counselors are accustomed to facilitating and administering grants and student loans. Obtaining such a loan or grant is simply a matter of applying.


Step 1

Apply for a student loan through the school financial aid office in the face of a hardship. Be certain you have exhausted all other means of acquiring the needed funds before making the request. Hardship loans require repayment and are not repeatedly approved.

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Step 2

Apply for a continuing education grant from the local and federal government. Hardship grants are designated to provide tuition, books and basic living expenses for students who cannot afford the cost of college.

Step 3

Apply for a grant through the student financial aid office at your college. The financial aid counselors will help find grant money through several sources and are perhaps able to award it several times throughout your college career.


Keep your grade point average as high as possible. Grants and loans are more easily obtained if your grades reflect strong academic performance.