What Does It Mean if I Check My Pay Stub Online & It Says "Prenote"?

If you're new to direct deposit, you may log into your company's payment portal and find a "pre-note" mark next to your account. The notation simply means your employer has sent a test payment to the bank to make sure you provided the correct account and routing numbers.

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Pre-note process makes sure paychecks deposit correctly.
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Pre-Note Process

Employers offer direct deposit as a quick and easy way for employees to receive paychecks, but the employer wants to make sure the money gets into the correct bank account. If you recently filled out paperwork to start direct deposits, you provided your bank account information. An employer can send a test payment through the wires to check that the account in question does exist. When the bank verifies the account, the employer will erase the pre-note from the computer system. You should receive your first check by mail, and the next check will deposit into the bank account tested.