Disabled Veterans & Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has special rules for disabled veterans seeking assistance. Apply for SNAP benefits through your state's program. You can apply online or call a toll-free state number to receive an application.


"Disabled veterans" refers specifically to those with a service-related or non-service related disability. Federal requirements refer to those whom the Veterans Administration considers "totally disabled, permanently housebound, or in need of regular aid and attendance."

Net Versus Gross Income

For most SNAP applicants, eligibility depends on income falling beneath a gross and net limit. These limits change annually, based on cost-of-living adjustments. However, for disabled veterans or their surviving spouses, the gross income limits do not apply as long as they receive either disability payments or funding for an aide or attendant for the disabled individual. The income resource limit also is higher for disabled veterans than non-disabled applicants under 60. As of the time of publication, the net monthly income for a one-person household was $973, and a two-person household was $1,311.

Income Resource Limit

As of the time of publication, the income resource limit for disabled veterans was $3,250 in "countable resources," such as bank accounts. Resources that do not count toward the limit include:

  • Pension or retirement plans
  • Home and lot
  • Motor vehicles -- excluded on the state level, with 39 states not counting any vehicles owned by the applicant and 11 excluding one vehicle. Three states exempt vehicles appraised at less than a specified amount.

Application Procedure

When applying for SNAP benefits, you must include certain documentation. This includes:

  • Any countable assets documents, including bank accounts, mutual funds or other non-retirement financial accounts.
  • Medical expenses paid out of pocket.
  • Proof of military service.
  • Disability certification.


Disabled veterans aren't the only military personnel eligible for food stamps. Military families may be eligible based on income and household size.