How to Get a Coupon for an Apple Photo Book

Create photo books to share with family and friends with iPhoto software using Apple coupon codes.

Apple, the producers of the popular series of Macintosh computers, the iPod, and the iPhone, have broadened their options by offering software users the option to create physical products from the data they upload. Using iPhoto, a photo editing application created by Apple, customers can create a series of gifts and items featuring personal photos. Apple often releases coupon codes that can be used towards these purchases to offset the cost of printing and shipping, and there are ways to get these coupons for your own use.


Step 1

Utilize online databases for coupon codes. Websites such as Retail Me Not and Deal Taker accumulate discount codes for companies such as Apple and make them readily available to consumers seeking online deals.

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Step 2

Sign up for an Apple email list. These lists are often used for online promotions and advertising and contain coupon codes good for use when purchasing photo books.

Step 3

Contact Apple directly. Often, requesting a discount directly may result in exactly that. Consider drafting a letter to customer service offering feedback on personal experience with Apple products and requesting a way to secure a discount.


If a coupon code does not seem to work online, call customer service and explain the issue before continuing to pay full price for a photo book.

Consider ordering in bulk. Create a photo book for a holiday present for all family and friends, or utilize them as employee handbooks or cookbook gifts. Apple offers an automatic discount of ten percent on orders of twenty five photo books or more.