Military Marriage Benefits

Married military members are often separated from their spouses.

A career in the military can lead to many opportunities and advancements, but it can also pose a great deal of stress to career military service personnel and their families. To compensate for the sacrifice United States military men and women endure, the military offers a number of benefits such as a housing allowance and tuition assistance. Military couples who are married are often privy to additional benefits that are not provided to single servicemen and women.


Housing Allowance

According to, married service members are entitled to receive a basic housing allowance even if they are currently residing in government housing without mortgage or rent payments. The housing allowance is designed to provide additional income to help support a spouse and children. The total housing allowance a married military member receives could be as much as $1,000 or more in additional military pay each month. Married service members who are currently stationed with their families may also have access to preferred housing options and larger accommodations.


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Relocation Assistance

If a military member is currently stationed in one location, and transfer orders are issued, the military typically provides a relocation allowance or relocation assistance to cover the cost of transporting the service member and his belongings. A married service member will typically be provided with relocation assistance for a spouse, children and their belongings. indicates that military members may also receive free airfare for their spouse or children.


Separation Pay

The military offers a financial benefit to married service members who are forcibly separated due to deployment or other military duties. The benefit is known as a family separation allowance. notes the family separation allowance is issued to the spouse of a military member who is separated from his dependents because of military duties, and married couples who are separated because of basic training or technical school are also eligible for the family separation allowance. The benefit is tax-free, and indicates the separation allowance may be a minimum of $250 per month.


Educational Grants

Tuition assistance and educational grants are popular benefits provided to military servicemen and women. Some individuals enroll in the military for the sole purpose of obtaining assistance with their education. Married members of the military can also pass this benefit along to their spouse or their children.


Health Care

The military provides comprehensive health care benefits to all military personnel. Military health care plans typically include routine preventive care, maternity care, prescription drug coverage and coverage for hospital stays and surgical procedures. If you are married to a member of the military, you and your children can also have access to medical care.