How to Delete a Bank Statement

Downloading statements saves time, but don't assume everything is correct.

Online banking makes managing bank assets much easier. You can download your bank statements right into a money management program such as Quickbooks or Microsoft Money, which can then create a reconciliation report on demand. The reconciliation report tells you what checks have cleared, what deposits are pending and what your spendable cash balance really is. If you download your statement and realize there is an error such as a duplicate statement, you can delete the statement and start over.

Delete in Microsoft Money

Step 1

Open Microsoft Money.

Step 2

Go to "Account List." Depending on your version, the list may be on the home page or in "Accounts and Bills."

Step 3

Locate "Transactions to Read" on the menu and right-click it. Several drop-down options appear. Select "Delete" and press "OK."

Delete in Quickbooks

Step 1

Open Quickbooks and go to the "Online Banking Center," located under the "Banking" tab.

Step 2

Choose "Items Received from Financial Institution" and select "View" for the statement in question.

Step 3

Reconcile the appropriate transactions by marking them as "Match" and select "Done."

Step 4

Select "Yes" when asked if you are "Not Finished Matching" to go back to the Online Banking Center.

Step 5

Choose the same statement, this time choosing "Delete" instead of "View." Press "OK."

Things You'll Need

  • Online banking

  • Personal money management program