How to Open Secret Bank Accounts

Do you want to save money for an important anniversary or set aside a nest egg in the event that you separate from your spouse, but would like to do so in a more private way? consider opening a secret bank account. Having a secret bank account would allow you to save the money you need without alarming a spouse or seeing the money accidentally withdrawn or used. Read on to learn how you can open and manage a secret bank account.


Step 1

Choose an online bank and manage all activity online. According to MSN, the top ten online banks are Wellsfargo, Citibank, Bankofamerica, Bankus.etrade, Huntington, Firstnational, Hsbc, U.S. Bank, Chase and Wachovia.

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Step 2

Select the online bank account that provides the rate and account features you require. Go the bank's website to create an account. Complete an online application and provide requested information like name, date of birth, address (use a PO box or request electronic only communication), current banking information and social security number. To complete the process, print the application and sign it. Mail the application to the bank with a copy of your driver's license and wait to receive confirmation of the new account.



Step 3

Open a personal account at a bank where you and your spouse do not share or hold bank accounts. Open the personal account and request that all communication be limited to email or phone. Provide a private cellular number or email address and manage the account online. As a precaution, have any paper documents (rate changes, privacy notices, deposit information) sent to a PO box or the home of a trusted friend.



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