What Is the Average Cost of Removing a Large Tree?

Removing trees can vary in costs based on the proximity to your house and the removal methods.

If you have a large tree in your yard that you want removed, you should consider the total costs involved. If you have spare time (and helping hands) you may be able to cut and remove the tree yourself, but you must still consider the costs of renting the necessary heavy equipment. Hiring a service to take care of the tree for you may be more efficient and possibly less expensive in the long term.


Tree roots that are extensive may threaten sidewalks.

Always examine where your tree is before beginning any removal procedures. The type and placement of the tree is very important: Notify local governments and utility companies first. If the tree extends its roots deep down into the soil, it may be threatening sidewalks or water mains. If the tree is in the front of your house, it might actually fall on city property, and there is a good chance the city will remove the tree for you free of charge. However, if the tree is located close to your house, it must usually be roped and pulled down in sections, which can add to the cost when hiring a tree removal service.

Average Trees

Crabapple trees are medium sized.

Medium-sized trees can reach as high as 60 feet but may also include smaller 30-foot versions. Alders, gum trees, crabapples and many other varieties fall into this category. In 2010, these trees can cost as much as $900 to remove for the largest versions, but smaller types may only cost around $175.

Larger Trees

Sugar maples trees are some of the largest and most expensive to remove.

Trees between 60 and 80 feet high are generally considered to be large trees, such as red pine and oak varieties. These trees can cost $400 to $1,000 to remove. The largest trees, reaching as high as 100 feet, such as American ash, bur oak and sugar maples, can cost more than $1,500 to remove.

Extra Fees

A tree stump.

Various tree removal procedures can cost extra, depending on what services you want. For instance, if you want your branches and logs turned into chips, services will often charge around $100 per hour for chipping services. It also costs extra, between $50 and $300, for the company to haul away wood or chips from your house. While many companies will cut apart and haul away the tree stump, it can cost several hundred dollars to grind down the stump completely and remove it from the ground along with major roots. If you want a consultation before you begin, an arboreal specialist can cost up to $125 per hour for consultation fees.