How to Activate a Scotiabank Visa

Whether you have the Scotiabank Visa credit, debit or prepaid card, the activation process is the same. You must activate your card over the phone or online.

Over the Phone

The card comes with a sticker attached to the front. It has the dedicated phone number to call for activation. Following the voice activation prompts, enter:

  • The 15 or 16-digit card number
  • The four-digit expiration date
  • The three-digit Card Verification Value on the card back.


You can also visit the Scotiabank activation page. Enter the 15 or 16-digit number and hit "continue," where you'll enter the expiration date and CVC number.


You can call Scotiabank's customer service line at 1-800-472-6842 and speak to a representative if you have any problems during the activation process.