How to Find Listings of Homes That Accept Housing Vouchers

How to Find Listings of Homes That Accept Housing Vouchers
You can ask apartment complexes whether they accept housing vouchers.

Contact your local public housing agency to ensure that your family has been accepted to receive a Housing Choice Voucher. The PHA will let you know what size rental unit your family is eligible for.

Ask the agency to recommend any apartment or housing choices that currently accept vouchers.

Check phone book yellow pages for apartment complex listings that advertise that they accept housing vouchers. Contact the apartment complex directly to clarify the use of vouchers or availability of an apartment unit.

Look online for any local public housing voucher lists. Check for listings specific to your state and municipality. Carefully examine the terms of use for any housing websites, as some online listing companies require user fees.

Visit housing or apartment complexes that you think would fit your family's needs. Speak with the landlord or manager directly and ask if they would consider accepting a voucher. The landlord would then need to contact the local public housing agency and meet their safety and health guidelines. The PHA representative and the landlord need to sign a housing assistance payment contract to go along with the tenant lease.