How to Get Rid of Lines From an Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers commonly cost less to use and maintain than to laser printers, but you may have to compromise when it comes to print quality. One problem that users may experience with inkjet printers is lines appearing on printouts. The lines make the printout hard to read and not presentable. Before you give up and get a new printer, you can try a few fixes to get rid of the lines on your printouts.


Step 1

Remove the inkjet cartridge from your printer. Examine the cartridge to identify any leaks. Cracks or leakage could be the cause of the streaks. Gently wipe the nozzle of the cartridge clean with a soft cloth or cotton swab.

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Step 2

Examine the container inside of the printer where the printer cartridge sits to see if there are any droplets of printer ink. Clean out any excess ink gently and carefully with a cotton swab. Check the print head as well—that is the area where the nozzle of the print cartridge meets the printer (within the holder) when you insert the cartridge. The print head allows ink to drip through so that it can print on the page—it is a common source of unwanted lines on a printout.



Step 3

Place your inkjet cartridge back into the printer. Use your printer software to run a print head or nozzle cleaning. You can find the cleaning wizard under "Printer Servicing" or a similarly named option. Print a test sheet to see if you've resolved the issue. If not, run the cleaning tool again until the lines disappear from your printouts.



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