How to Calculate Unemployment in Texas

If you are unsure of how much you may receive for unemployment should you lose your job in the Lone Star State, you can determine a projection for you unemployment benefits before you even file a claim. Texas' online unemployment benefits estimator determines an estimate for unemployment compensation based on wage and pay period information during your base year. The Texas Workforce Commission defines the base year as the five calendar quarters prior to the week you file you unemployment claim. Recognize that the benefits estimator is only a projection, and your actual unemployment compensation could be higher or lower than the projected compensation depending on factors such as dependent children, vacation or severance pay and other deductible benefits.


Step 1

Visit the Texas Workforce Commission website to access the online unemployment benefits estimator (see Resources). Based on the day you access this page, the online estimator will display the quarters and explicit dates that will be used to determine your unemployment benefits.

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Step 2

Gather pay stubs or income statements from all jobs you worked during the dates from the specified base year.

Step 3

Enter the total wages from all jobs you worked during the base year into the "Wages" field for each specified quarter . You may enter the total wages you earned from all jobs on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis by selecting one of these options from the "Pay Period" drop-down menu. The estimator will assume you worked 40 hours per week, so if you worked part-time, tally your wages on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Step 4

Press the "Estimate" button to receive an estimate for you unemployment benefits. If your weekly benefit amount seems usually low for your wages, understand that as of December 2010, Texas' maximum weekly unemployment benefit amount is $415. Conversely, Texas' minimum weekly benefit amount is $60 and you must earn a minimum amount of wages during your base year to meet the minimum payout requirements.


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