How to Find What Was Paid to Me in Unemployment Benefits

If you are currently getting unemployment benefits, or have received unemployment compensation in the past, you can check how much you were paid in benefits. If you are currently getting unemployment benefit payments, you can easily check on the amount paid to you on the most recent benefit payment sent to you. If you need the year-to-date information, you can also get that information from the state unemployment office. If you need the information for tax purposes, each state unemployment office does send out tax forms.


Step 1

Call the toll-free self-service number for your state unemployment office. This number will be listed in the unemployment benefits guidebook that was mailed to you when you applied for unemployment benefits. Enter in your Social Security number and PIN to get the amount paid to you on your last unemployment benefits payment. You cannot get your year-to-date amount on the self-service number.


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Step 2

Use the "Contact Us" link on your state's unemployment website. Send a secure message to the state unemployment office asking what was paid to you in unemployment benefits. If you want to know the year-to-date amount, be sure to specify that.


Step 3

Wait for your 1099G tax form to arrive, which typically happens in February, to see how much was paid to you in unemployment benefits for the previous tax year.



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