How to Plot a Pad for a Mobile Home

Mobile homes are set up on blocks or on concrete pads.

A mobile home is a structure built of wood and metal on a steel frame. It is manufactured in an industrial factory and transported by truck to its setup location. The home is raised on blocks, called "two-cell" blocks, and secured to the ground by steel straps with auger anchors running 4 6to feet deep. In some locations, mobile homes must be installed over a concrete pad.


Step 1

Contact the local county and/or city building permitting department. Ask for the requirements for mobile home installation on a concrete pad. Write down the dimension requirements such as pad length, width and depth along with the permitting fees. Ask to be sent a building permit application.

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Step 2

Phone a concrete pouring service. Speak to a service provider about installing a mobile home on a concrete pad. These contractors are usually well versed in the county and/or city permitting process as well as the mobile home installation process. Request an estimate to deliver and pour the concrete pad.


Step 3

Measure the mobile home to calculate the dimensions of the concrete pad. Take the length and width of the manufactured home and increase the dimensions to comply with the county and/or city building permit. For instance, if the mobile home is 14 feet wide by 40 feet long, most permits require there to be at least a 1- to 2-foot surplus on all sides of the home.

Step 4

Complete the permit application along with the concrete contractor. Mail or deliver it to the permitting agency along with any applicable fees. Receive the building permit and schedule a date and time to have the concrete pad poured.