How to Convert Pesos to Dollars

The value of the peso isn't the same in every country.

Several countries designate their currency as pesos. Three of these nations are Mexico, the Philippines and Chile. The dollar is the currency in Honk Kong, the United States, Australia and several other places. The relative value of the peso against the dollar is different in each country, and it is determined by how strong a country is politically and economically compared with the other country. Before you convert pesos to dollars, you should find out the exchange rate for the two currencies for the countries in question.


Step 1

Look up the conversion rate of pesos to dollars. The X-Rates website provides an online table that lists this information. As an example for the purposes of this article, assume 1 peso is worth 0.082 dollars.

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Step 2

Multiply the number of pesos you want to convert into dollars by the value of 1 peso in dollars. For the conversion value of 23 pesos in our example, multiply 23 times 0.082. The result is 1.886 dollars.

Step 3

Use an online calculator that's updated as currency values change. This tool allows you to input the number of pesos you want to convert into dollars. After you select the currency for the appropriate countries, the calculator shows you how many dollars your pesos are worth. The XE website provides one such calculator.


The calculator on Apple computers connected to the Internet have a currency conversion feature.


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