How to Use My Diesel Pickup Truck to Make Money

You can haul lumber for home-repair jobs with your pickup.

If you own a diesel pickup truck, you have a very useful tool at your disposal. Not only can you use it for all those odd jobs around your own house and yard, you can also put it work to earn some money in your spare time. Don't let your diesel pickup just sit around eating insurance payments. It can earn its keep.


Step 1

Contact your insurance company and explain your intentions. Make sure you are properly insured for what you're about to take on. Also ask about liability insurance if anyone is hurt or any property is damaged while you're using your truck for business purposes.

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Step 2

Calculate the pricing structure for the types of jobs you want to take on. Decide whether to price by the hour or by the truckload, or you might want to wait to give a quote till you've seen the job. Remember to factor in mileage, as diesel fuel is likely be your biggest expense.


Step 3

Make a sign for the back of your truck that advertises your services and gives your cell phone number. Your truck itself can be the best free advertising you have. Make sure your pickup is washed and maintained regularly so that you give a good impression to potential clients.

Step 4

Place an ad for your services. You can do this in the local newspaper, but it's cheaper to consider online services such as Craigslist. Outline which types of jobs you would like to take on — dump runs, small removals, garage-sale pickups, hauling yard supplies such as gravel or taking away debris such as leaves.


Step 5

Gather any equipment needed for the jobs you want to do. You're likely to need blankets and bungee cords for securing furniture, shovels and rakes for dealing with yard jobs, and boxes and trash bags for basement or attic clearing.


Step 6

Make cards advertising your services and distribute them to antique dealers. Many customers have difficulty hauling home their larger purchases, and if the dealer can put them in touch with you, you can make money helping them.


Step 7

Drop off your cards with banks and realtor offices to see if you can pick up any work cleaning out foreclosed houses. You can also offer this service to maintenance and management companies contracted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development looking after foreclosed homes that had FHA-backed loans. Look on the website to find the name of the management company in your area and contact them to find out if they have clean-up work available.


Step 8

Buy a snowplow to fit to the front of your truck if you live in an area with severe winters. Many homeowners will gladly pay for reliable service to plow their driveways. This will be a large upfront expense, so be sure there's a market for this service before you invest in the equipment.



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