Types of Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are seen in some buildings.

Geodesic domes are based on regular polyhedrons, or shapes like triangles or pentagons, and are made into a dome from multiples of that base shape. The domes are used in commercial building projects and occasionally in residential construction. The design makes for a spacious interior, and the dome is suitable for a variety of climates.



The icosahedron dome is based off the basic pentagon shape and is the most rounded version of the geodesic dome. The icosahedron dome resembles a bubble. It is the most common version of the geodesic domes used in buildings or other projects. Because of its numerous sides the icosahedron structure is used for the largest domes.


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The octahedron dome is based off the basic pyramid shape. The octahedron dome is the second most common dome shape and is rounded in appearance. It forms an almost circular shape. This dome shape is often seen with children's jungle gyms in parks.



The tetrahedron dome is based off a triangle shape, and it is the least circular dome. It is the least faceted version of the geodesic dome and has sharper angles than other geodesic dome shapes. Since it has fewer facets, it is also the weakest dome shape, and it can support the least amount of weight.