How to Dispute Visa Debit Charges

It's important that you report any incorrect charges to your debit card as soon as possible.

A Visa debit card is a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to credit cards. Unlike a credit card, your Visa debit card is connected to a bank account. Thus, the amount you spend using the debit card is limited to the amount you have in your bank account. Like a credit card, though, Visa does offer some protection to users of its debit card. In fact, according to Visa's Zero Liability guarantee, you will be protected from any fraudulent charges associated with your debit card.


Step 1

Call the place of business if you authorized the transaction but discovered that you were overcharged or charged for the same item multiple times. Often, if you're able to prove the error, most businesses will take steps to correct the problem. If the business is unable or unwilling to remedy the problem or if you're dealing with an unauthorized transaction, proceed to Step 2.


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Step 2

Call the bank or financial institution that issued the Visa debit card. Be prepared to give your name, account number and detailed explanation of the problem. If your card has been stolen or lost, you will need to cancel the debit card.

Step 3

Fill out any paperwork required by the bank/financial institution. The type and amount of paperwork will vary from bank to bank. In most instances, though, you will need to make a trip to the bank in order to complete the forms in person. If your card has been stolen and you're experiencing fraudulent charges, you may even be advised to fill out a police report.



Step 4

Wait. Visa will have up to 60 days to investigate your claim. Usually, you will receive a credit for the amount of the disputed charge within a few days of the claim. If your claim is upheld, you will be permitted to keep the credit. If, however, Visa denies your claim, you will lose the credit.


Check your account statement regularly in order to catch any errors or unauthorized charges on your Visa debit card. Don’t wait for your monthly statement. Set up an online account with your bank if you haven’t done so already. This way, you can check your balance and transactions whenever you like from the comfort of your home.



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