Cheap Horse Fence Ideas

Horse fencing can be done on a budget

Keeping horses often turns out to be far more expensive than buying them. The costs of housing and feeding your equine companion will add up quickly and knowing how to do things economically can really help the cost conscious horse owner. Fencing is one of the top expenses a horse owner will face. Here are some ideas of how to fence your pastures on a budget.


Electric Fence

Economically speaking, electric fence can be one of the cheapest, and most cost effective, horse fences. When using hi-tensile wire, the posts can be spread out widely, sometimes up to 50 feet or more, and only one line, or possibly two, is necessary. This limits the cost on materials and if you have a solar-powered fence, it costs nothing to run.


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Barbed Wire

The overall price on barbed wire is one of the cheapest out there. A roll of barbed wire is the cheapest kind you can buy. This method still requires you to buy t-posts and other necessary equipment, such as fence clips, to make the fence work--but for overall cost, it is still one of the most economical choices.


Recycled Fence

A great way to build a horse fence cheaply is to look for a farm that is replacing its current fence. Offer to remove the old fence line if you can keep and reuse the materials. Many owners will be delighted to have someone provide free labor and clean-up when they are replacing their fences. This fence can be anywhere. A chain link fence makes a great horse fence. So look for opportunities wherever you can spot them.