What Are the Benefits of Saving Electricity?

Saving electricity has a variety of benefits.

You probably hear a lot about saving electricity in the media. However it is important to consider the reasons why you would do so. When you are fully informed about the benefits of saving electricity your own personal endeavors to do so will have a greater depth to them. This increases the chances that you will make a difference in the long-term, rather than just as a fleeting experiment.


Financial Benefits

Perhaps the most immediately attractive benefit to saving electricity is the amount of money that you'll save. Shutting off the lights and keeping your electric heat at a reasonable level will save you money every month. These monthly savings add up to big annual savings that you'll really notice if you make a special savings account. You can then spend this money on something that you've wanted to save for. A thorough inventory of your home's electrical use from light bulbs to water heaters can mean big savings every month.


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Environmental benefits

Saving energy doesn't just benefit you. It benefits the world at large. Electricity is usually produced at plants burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal. These produce greenhouse gases and other pollutants that harm the environment. It is estimated that the average household in the United States produces 12.4 tons of carbon each year, according to the Hinkle Charitable Foundation. Any dent that your household can make in its carbon footprint will do your family's part toward reducing the impact of human activity on the environment. When combined with a local, national and international campaign to reduce the amount of electricity used, this can make a significant impact in the amount of electricity used by consumers and the resulting carbon footprint.


Health and beauty benefits

It may sound strange, but there are ways to make yourself more healthy and beautiful while saving energy. Turning off your television for a set period each day and engaging in a physical activity will make you healthier and look better from the exercise. Replacing your morning coffee routine with a yoga regimen will have a similar effect, with the added bonus of saving secondary electricity involved in transporting coffee from tropical climates to your home. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw form reduces the amount of electricity used by either your electric range or microwave saves electricity while providing you with the benefits of healthy eating.