How to Get Free Government Land

Kansas is a prime provider of free land for small-business startups.

The concept of free government land might seem fantastic and unreal, but it is very real. In fact, anyone with the freedom to relocate already qualifies for free land in some way or form. During hard economic times, it is critical to cut as many unnecessary expenses as possible, and paying for steep living expenses when you could easily relocate to an area where land is free is no better than throwing money away.


Step 1

Assess the costs of living between where you live now and where you might relocate.

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Step 2

Contact a government grant center, such as or (see Resources). The websites have listings of a wide range of free land grants, or just government land available both for individuals and nonprofit agencies. This is where you will find the applications for the specific grant that caters to your needs.


Step 3

Find a location to set up a small business or to just relocate. There are many free land listings available, specifically in less urbanized regions of the country such as Kansas. Go to a site such as to find a location that might be suitable for your needs. Survey the land and consider the cost of property tax when you make sure the cost of the location matches with projected revenue of the business, or your income.




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