Hidden Social Security Benefits

You may not be aware of some of the hidden U.S. Social Security benefits available to you. Learning about these benefits may improve your financial situation and help you to meet your goals.

Maximum Benefits Refile

If you receive reduced Social Security benefits due to filing the retirement application early and now are at full retirement age, you may withdraw your original retirement benefits application and refile. Then you can start receiving maximum benefits.


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Delayed Retirement Credits

You are allowed to file a retirement application but choose to receive benefit payments at a later date. Suspending payments earns you delayed retirement credits and may increase your benefit payments when you receive them.


Lump Sum Death Benefit

You may file to receive a lump sum death benefit of $225 (in 2010) if you are the eligible survivor of a recently deceased worker.


Compassionate Allowance

Your benefit payments will be expedited if you apply to receive Social Security disability benefits due to a severe medical condition. The list of qualifying medical conditions is updated periodically.


Disability and Work

Under certain situations, you may continue to receive disability benefits and receive wages from a job.



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