How to Close an Axis Bank Account

How to Close an Axis Bank Account
Use the proper procedures to close your account with Axis Bank.

Step 1

Pull out a copy of your latest bank statement from Axis Bank. Review the account carefully for any automated payments or direct deposits.

Step 2

Contact your employer to discontinue direct deposits to your Axis Bank account, if you participate in this program. Keep in mind that it can take up to two pay cycles for the changes to go into effect. Do not close your account until you are sure that the direct deposits have stopped.

Step 3

Call each of the vendors who are paid from your Axis Bank account and make alternate arrangements. You may elect to have paper bills sent to you until you open an account at a different bank or you can provide an alternate bank account number, if you already have one.

Step 4

Look up the customer service address on the back of your Axis Bank account statement and send a letter to the bank. Place your account number in the "RE" section of the letter and indicate that you wish to close your account. State your reasons and ask that a check for the account balance to be sent to your home address.

You also may close your account in person by visiting your nearest branch, over the phone by calling the number listed on your bank statement or online by sending a secure message to customer service after logging on to your account.