How to Get Assistance With Apartment Rent

You can use several creative methods to help with rent payments.

There are times when you struggle with rent payments and you'll need to get assistance. One way of seeking assistance is to talk with your landlord about the problem and see about negotiating for a lower amount or getting a few extra days to pay that month's rent. For example, if you lost your job and are currently receiving unemployment payments, you can ask to have your rent amount changed based on how much unemployment money you're receiving.

Step 1

Seek out a roommate you can trust. If your landlord raised your rent, talk to some friends or relatives who need an apartment and who you believe will be reliable with his half of the rent. Take into consideration her household management style and her personalities because you don't want a roommate who will be difficult to get along with.

Step 2

Get assistance from family. Tell your relatives that you're having temporary financial problems and you need to borrow that month's rent and you will pay them back when you get more money. To avoid family problems surrounding the money they loan you, pay back as much of the loan as soon as possible. This shows your relatives that you're trustworthy and not taking advantage of their kindness.

Step 3

Contact your local non-profit agencies. Explain that you're struggling financially at this time and that you need monetary assistance in paying rent for a certain amount of months. Bring important documents such as paycheck stubs, bank account statements, state ID, lease and other forms. See Resources below for links to agencies in your area.

Step 4

Find other sources of income. If your hours were reduced at your regular job, find a part-time job that will be flexible with the hours you have at the regular job. Also use some of your talents to earn extra money. For example, if you're good at making homemade greeting cards from the computer, make some cards for relatives, friends and neighbors and sell them in your neighborhood. Also try to find customers at hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

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