How to Verify a Checking-Account Number

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You might need to verify your checking account number when setting up direct deposit of your paychecks, online bill paying services or electronic payments. The simplest way to verify your checking account number is to look at one of your checks.


Where to Find Your Number

Your checking account number is a nine-digit number that normally appears in the bottom center of your check. It is sandwiched between the bank's routing number on the left and the check number on the right. Some banks also provide you with an account number card with initial packet materials when you apply for the account. If you keep this on file, you can refer to it as well.


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The Process and Purpose

When you sign up for electronic payments through a bank or online service, you often have to provide a checking account number for payments or deposits. After you enter the checking account number and routing number, the bank may ask for follow-up verification. A common approach is for the provider to make one or more very small deposits into your checking account, which you then confirm by entering the amounts where the provider asks. This strategy ensures you are the actual owner of the account.