Mobile Home Rental Agreements

Mobile homes

When renting a mobile home it is important to have a rental agreement. A rental agreement is considered a contract and is enforceable by law. Both parties are protected by an agreement when it is completely and clearly written. State laws control most aspects of a rental agreement and it is the lessor's responsibility to know and follow the laws when preparing a contract.



The top of the page should state in bold letters "residential lease agreement." A rental agreement for a mobile home includes a list of the parties involved. The lessor(s) is the owner(s) known as the landlord of the mobile home being leased. The next part is the lessee(s) or the renter(s) names of the mobile home. The full names including first, middle and last of each is placed on the agreement. The complete address of the mobile home is located under the names of the parties.


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The rental payment should be stated on the agreement. The due date along with late fees is also stated in writing on the rental agreement. Included on the agreement is the security deposit and how it will be used if the tenant fails to comply with the agreement. This segment of the contact also includes what will be done if payments are not made and how the tenant will deliver the property back to the landlord.


The terms of the rental agreement for the mobile home are placed in the section following the heading. As statement such as "landlord and tenants do agree to the following terms" starts this section. Terms are anything that the lessor and lessee agree to such as insurance requirements, alterations to the property, pets, entry of the landlord, utilities and occupants. Each term is stated clearly and agreed upon by both parties.



Potential repairs to rental property should be agreed upon before the contract is signed. Since rental property belongs to the landlord, there are state laws that regulate what repairs must be done to keep the property up to living standards for the occupants. This segment of the contract should be written according to local and state law to avoid penalties.


The condition of the premises at the time of rental should be stated clearly on the contract. The tenant has the right to inspect the property and must agree that everything is in order as stated on the contract. The portion of the contract requires that the tenant keep the property in proper order and that any negligent acts that cause damage make the tenant liable for the charges.



The agreement is made legal and binding by both parties signing and dating the contract. State laws require that a person be of legal age and sound mind before entering into a legal contract. All parties involved are required to receive a copy of the signed and dated contract for future reference. No changes or alterations can be made to an agreement after each party signs it.


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