How to Finance a Home With Bad Credit

How to Finance a Home With Bad Credit
Finance a home with bad credit.

Verify your credit ratings. Your credit rating is an evalution of your past loan history. This will determine your capability to pay your loans in the future. Examples of bad credit entries are charge-offs and past mortgages you have on your house.

Compare loan quotes, interest rates and title insurance policies from different mortgage lenders. Go online to lender websites. The search will give you quotes from a number of mortgage lenders. These are rough estimates, but they will help you see what lenders will offer you. Then search for a more in depth quote by getting a real mortgage quote online. Enter all the information that they ask for, including your income, the loan amount, your house's location and other information. Once you are given your quotes, you can request additional information from a few of the lenders.

Pick a mortgage lender with the best interest rates. Weigh the interest rates and the duration of the mortgage. Make sure you will be able to afford monthly payments of whatever loan you choose.

Apply for the mortgage loan online through the lender's site. The lender will send you final paperwork in the mail. Sign and notarize the forms. Send them back to the lender to be processed.

Apply for refinancing. If you improve your credit, you can lower your interest rate by refinancing. You can improve your credit by paying your mortgage payments and your other bills on time for three years. This will increase your chances of getting approved for refinancing.