IRS Wire Transfer Instructions

Paying your taxes via wire transfer gets your account settled quickly.
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If you need a payment to the Internal Revenue Service to be received and credited the same day, a wire transfer may be your best option. The Federal Tax Collection Service allows business tax filers and payroll processors to pay their tax obligation the day it is due. The IRS wants information presented in a specific way, so it's best to be prepared before going to your bank. Don't wait until the last minute, because the IRS won't store the information overnight if you miss the transmission deadline.


Required Information

The IRS asks that you fill out the Same-Day Taxpayer Worksheet and bring it to your financial institution to assist in making the transfer. You'll document your total tax payment, your taxpayer identification number, the first four letters of your business name -- if applicable -- and your name or the full business name. You'll also document the tax type using the numerical codes provided on the document, the tax year, and tax month or quarter that the money is intended to cover. You can indicate what portion of the amount is going to pay off principal and which is going to interest and penalties if you like, but that is not required


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Format and File

Your financial institution will complete the wire transfer. The receiving ABA/routing number is 091036164, and the receiving financial institution name is "US TREAS SINGLE TX." On the "Beneficiary" line, list the information from the Same Day Taxpayer Worksheet in order separated by colons, starting with your taxpayer number. For example, it might read 123456789: BUSI: Business Inc.: 94105: 12: 01.


Confirming The Transaction

Get your wire transfer completed during normal business hours. If your wire is received after 5 p.m. ET, the transaction will be rejected and returned to your financial institution. You can obtain confirmation of your transaction by calling the Federal Tax Collection Service at 1-800-382-0045. Members of the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System also can obtain the EFT number by calling 1-800-605-9876 the next business day or logging on to When you do so, you'll receive a 15-digit electronic funds transfer number.