How to Fix Credit With No Money

Fix Credit

Credit repair agencies often advertise the ability to fix your low credit score. Unfortunately, these agencies charge a fee for their services, and results are not guaranteed. Rather than spend money on credit repair, consider ways to fix your credit with no out-of-pocket expense. It's possible to reverse bad credit and obtain the best credit rating possible. The key is knowing what steps to take.

Step 1

Avoid late payments. Jot down your due dates and resolve to pay your creditors on time.

Step 2

Use the computer. Ensure timely payments by signing up for online bill pay and paying credit card statements and other bills via an online submission form.

Step 3

Watch your credit report. Check your report annually to catch reporting errors early and dispute mistakes. Get a free report from

Step 4

Eliminate credit card debt. Use your extra income or savings to pay down or eliminate debt. This method lowers your debt ratio and increases your FICO score.

Step 5

Stop charging. Cut your credit cards in half to avoid incurring new charges. Do not close the account, however. This will reduce your credit history and lower your credit rating.

Step 6

Recognize the danger of inquiries. Applying for a new credit card or line of credit drops your credit score. Limit or avoid credit inquiries altogether.

Step 7

Get collections and judgments off your credit report. Contact old creditors and ask to speak with a finance or credit manager. Express your desire to pay off the old account in exchange for having the negative remark deleted from your credit report. Get everything in writing before submitting a payment.


According to the Federal Trade Commission, is the only website authorized to provide free annual credit reports.