How Do I Find Someone Who Has Moved?

How Do I Find Someone Who Has Moved?
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You may find it necessary to look for someone who has moved and left no forwarding address. Banks and other financial institutions do this all the time. They implement specific strategies designed to located customers. Some of the practices used by financial institutions can be used by individuals as well and others cannot. A bank may review someone's credit report and call other creditors to see if they have new information. A person who has no right to access another person's credit report will not be able to use this technique.


Step 1

Send the person a letter to the old address. When you direct a letter to the individual's previous address include on the envelope, return service requested, and the post office will send you correspondence with their new address, if the person completed a change of address form. The letter will be returned to you with a message on the envelope, which states the letter is undeliverable, or moved and left no forwarding address if the address has not been updated with the post office.

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Step 2

Review some of the social networking sites. More people are setting up profiles on the social networking sites. If you search the name, you may be able to contact the person using this technique. You could run into several people with the same name but you should be able to distinguish them from the party you are looking for.


Step 3

Do a reverse look. There are websites that will provide you with an updated address when you enter the person's phone number. Other websites will allow you to look up information when a first and last name as well as the city, state or zip code is entered. You can omit the city state and ZIP code if you don't have it. Several of these websites will do the search for free and others will charge a small fee. You can also use other criteria, such as a cell phone number, to search for a new address.

Step 4

Ask friends and neighbors. Speak to neighbors, friends and relatives of the person you are looking for. Many times they will hold the key to someone's whereabouts. People will divulge information if they think they can help. The individual's previous landlord may have a new address for them.


Step 5

Call the previous place of employment. You can call the last known job and ask to speak to the person. If the person is no longer there, the employer will let you know. Sometimes if you speak to another employee, and casually ask where they went you may be able to get this information. Human resources or personnel definitely will not give you any information.