How to Locate Life Insurance of the Deceased

You may not know your loved one had a life insurance policy until you look.

Life insurance provides a way for people to cover costs related to their passing, and to provide for loved ones after death. Unfortunately, many people who buy life insurance fail to give beneficiaries adequate information about where the life insurance policies are held. This may leave some people with no other choice but to start searching for life insurance policies their loved ones might have taken out. This process is time consuming, but is not particularly difficult once you know where to look.


Step 1

Go through all of the policy holder's documents, including bank and credit card statements. These documents should provide some indication of the company that received life insurance premiums.

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Step 2

Contact any insurance companies the deceased person used. It is not uncommon for people to bundle their insurance, so even the deceased's auto or house insurance company may have information.


Step 3

Call your loved one's last employer. They may have information about the deceased's life insurance, if your loved one had group insurance options.

Step 4

Ask relatives and friends if they know whether the deceased had life insurance, and with which company. Sometimes people don't confide they've taken out policies for fear they'll worry their loved ones, and opt instead to tell the information to other people they trust.


Step 5

Contact your local probate court office. Ask the probate clerk if any life insurance policies have been listed as an asset on the estate of the deceased.


Step 6

Visit the Unclaimed Property Department on your state's website. Life insurance companies forward unclaimed policies to the state if they cannot find beneficiaries. Alternately, contact your state's comptroller or Commissioner of Insurance office.


Step 7

Contact the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) (see Resources). They keep records of all insurance policies filed within the past 75 years and can do a search for any policies your loved one might have had. Another source is the American Council of Life Insurance Information.



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