How to Find an Insurance Policy Number

How to Find an Insurance Policy Number
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All insurance policies have their policy number printed at the top of the face page. However, if you have lost your policy, or even just the face page, there are several simple ways to find your policy number.


Confusion can occur when there's been an auto accident and the policy can't be found, or someone needs to access a health insurance policy. Even finding the number of a travel insurance policy purchased with your ticket can be tricky. But if the policy is current and you are the owner, your insurance carrier can help you recover your policy number with a simple phone call or email.

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Places to Look

All policies have their numbers printed on the front page, which is called the face page. However, if you have lost the face page, the number is often reprinted on pages deeper in the policy booklet, on riders and amendments.


If you ordered your policy online, you can retrieve your insurance policy number(s) by signing in to your account with your insurer.

Health insurance policies and cards can be confusing because they list various numbers like a group number or subscriber number, rather than a clearly identified policy number. Typically, the policy number is one of these or a combination of the numbers. In an emergency, simply give your health card to your medical or hospital provider — their computerized billing services will recognize the codes with no problem. To access your actual account number, contact your company online or by phone; they will be happy to help you.


For travel insurance purchased with a flight ticket, the insurance policy number may be hidden for your safety, or it may be identical to your flight confirmation number. Call your travel agency or contact your airline company for assistance in determining your policy number.

In the case of a property insurance policy for leased, rented or remote properties, call the bank or mortgage property listed for the property. They will have required insurance on the property and will have a record of the insurance policy number.


Call the Insurance Agent or Company

If you know the name of the insurance company, call; they will help you. Often, a company can identify a policy from just the social security number of the owner. If you're not sure, get a list of possible insurers and try each one.

Things You'll Need

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Social Security number

  • Last known address

  • Insurer (if known)

  • Death certificate (for life insurance beneficiary)


Not everyone has a right to policy information. In the case of life insurance, executors and beneficiaries have the highest standing, and immediate family after that.

Contact a State Agency

Some states have an insurance hotline you can call for assistance or forms to assist you in tracking down lost life insurance policies. Online, nearly all state insurance departments can be found by typing "" in your search bar, replacing "xx" with your state's two-letter abbreviation.


If you are looking for an old life insurance policy and the major life insurance carriers or your state's Department of Insurance have no record, call your state's Department of Revenue, as the benefits may have already been turned over to the state as unclaimed property. Also check with states where the deceased lived previously or at the time of death.


Before paying a third-party company to conduct a search, check for complaints of fraud or abuse against that company. Some companies have been accused of fraudulently acquiring names, addresses and social security numbers by pretending to be policy hunters.