How to Find Trustee of Living Trust

A lawyer will be able to help you find a trustee.

A living trust is an entity created during a person's lifetime -- which he can manage -- that holds the titles of his assets, resulting in legal and financial benefits for the trustor and his heirs. The trustee of a living trust is one of the people able to manage assets for the trust. One trustee is often the person who created the trust. There must be at least one other trustee who is able to manage the assets after the trustor has died. Information about the trustee should be available in the trust itself. Since trustees are usually people the trustor knew and respected, a trustee should not be hard to locate, even if he has moved since the trust was formed.


Step 1

Read the trust. Each trustee — along with her address and telephone number — should be listed in the trust.

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Step 2

Contact the trustor, if he is still alive. Ask him for the latest residential information of the trustee. If he isn't aware of the trustee's current whereabouts, ask him for the last known address.

Step 3

Contact the trust lawyer. Ask her how to locate the trustee. If she doesn't know, request the last information she had about the trustee.

Step 4

Contact anyone who was signatory to the trust, or named in the trust. Since trusts are personal documents that involve family, friends and business associates, chances are one of the people named in the trust will know the trustee. Explain why you're looking for him. Ask for information on his whereabouts.



Step 5

Input the trustee's name and any information you have into social networking sites like Facebook, Bolt or LinkedIn. Many people have an online presence. Type the name of the trustee into a search engine — along with their town or state, if available — and see what you can find.

Step 6

Hire a private investigator. Give him all the information you have. He will have access to search engines and databases not available to the public.

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