Cheap Baby Shower Games

For a fun and memorable baby shower, involve your guests in entertaining party games. The size of your baby shower budget is of no importance. Many games simply require a small amount of preparation, paper and writing utensils. Cheap prizes for the winners are easily acquired at your local dollar store. For added amusement, award the prizes blind. Place all the loot in a large shopping bag and winners reach inside to choose a mystery prize.

Ice Breaker

Start the party with an ice breaker. Inevitably the guest list for a baby shower contains a mixed bag of party-goers, many of whom are unacquainted. Family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers can get to know one another quickly with an ice-breaking game. Prepare for this game by writing items related to babies on a sticker: diaper, spit-up, poop and bottle. Don't be afraid to get silly, it makes the party more fun. Once your guests arrive, have the expectant mother place the sticker on the forehead or back of each person, so she cannot see it. Participants can ask only one yes or no question per person about the item on their back. Guests walk around and ask questions about their assigned item until they guess correctly.

Prize Purse

With about 10 minutes of preparation, you can create an amusing party game that doesn't cost a thing. Remember the 1970s game show "Let's Make a Deal," hosted by Monty Hall? In between rounds Monty would announce an item to the audience, such as a silver dollar, and award prize money to people who had the item in their bag. Assemble a list of things such as a condom, a 1975 nickel, lipstick with a fruit name and so on. Assign a point value to each item. Call out the items and let your guests scavenge through their purses. The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner and receives a prize. For small parties guests can participate in pairs, for larger gatherings create teams of four or more.

Booty Bingo

The expectant mother inevitably receives a treasure trove of baby gifts. The ceremonial opening of gifts seems to go on forever. Allow every guest to participate in this portion of the baby shower for some party game fun. Prepare bingo cards and pass them around to each person. Instruct the guests to fill in each space with a gift they feel the expectant mother is likely to receive. As she opens each gift, participants make an "X" if they have anticipated correctly. The first person to have a line of "X's" is the winner and awarded a prize.

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