How to Check New York State Tax Refund Status

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The New York State Tax Department can save you time and trouble. Instead of checking off each day on your calendar until you get your refund check, use the state's online NY tax refund status option to estimate when you can expect to get your money. It takes only a few steps to gather the information you need to check your NY tax refund status online.


Gather the Required Information

If you're checking for the current tax year, gathering your documents and information is simple, provided you've organized your tax returns and stored them in a place where they are readily accessible to you. If you use an online filing program, such as those offered by the IRS or one of the many tax preparation companies, you have likely securely stored your tax return and relevant information in a folder on your computer, your online customer account or the cloud. Your current return is essential because you will need the precise amount you're expecting to be able to check the status of your NY tax refund. In addition, you need your Social Security number. If you are checking the status of your refund from a joint NY tax return, ensure you have the correct Social Security number of your spouse or dependent.


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Access the NY Department of Taxation and Finance

Once you gather your current year's tax return and the relevant Social Security numbers, go to the NY Department of Taxation and Finance website. Double-check that you have everything you need. Many secure websites timeout if too much time lapses once you start an online process. This ensures that information you enter doesn't just linger on an open process – it's a risk mitigation feature to prevent you from possibly becoming an identity theft victim. The site first requires a security check for you to enter the code displayed on the screen. This feature is optimized for taxpayers who may have difficulty seeing the screen or people who are visually impaired. You can choose to listen to the security code if you are unable to read the code.


Select the Tax Return Form Filed

When you have correctly entered the security code, the next page requires that you enter the tax year that you are checking, as well as your Social Security number and the tax form that you submitted to New York. If the system is unable to provide your status or find your tax record, the site provides the hours of operation for the website and invites you to submit a written request for information if you are checking during hours when the site might be under maintenance. The site is generally available 24 hours each day of the week, but when the site is down, you will see a warning message banner across the screen.


Read the Helpful Information

The NY Tax Department is proactive about addressing refund status FAQs. If you are wondering why you received a message that the tax department doesn't have any information about your return, it's likely due to the time it takes for electronically filed returns and mailed returns to actually post to the system. If your filed return contains errors or there is information missing, the department needs to review your return. In this case, you may get a message that indicates the review could delay remitting a direct deposit or cutting a check for your refund. When everything goes smoothly, it's possible you will get your NY tax refund direct deposited in your bank account within a couple of weeks. If you chose to mail your tax return, and expect a check mailed to your home, it could take up to 30 days to receive your refund.