How to Wire a Check to a Bank Account

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Most people keep their money in a checking or savings account. When you need to send money from an account, you have a variety of options, including a wire transfer. Due to electronic transactions, the ease of wiring checks has led to a decrease in cost and an increase in popularity. All you need to wire a check to a bank account are the routing and account numbers for the account into which you want to deposit the funds.


Step 1

Gather your data. You will need the routing number for the bank account as well as the account number. In most cases you will also be required to supply the name of the owner of the account.

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Step 2

Determine wire fees. Wire fees used to be a deterrent to wiring money, but now the fees are lower. However, you should still check with the bank or financial institution to see what the cost is first.


Step 3

Contact your bank for instructions on how to wire a check to an account in another bank. Follow the instructions exactly when making the transaction.


Step 4

Use a service like Western Union or MoneyGram. These companies specialize in wiring funds. They can even wire money directly from your debit card.



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