How to Check if Taxes Are Paid

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No one escape the responsibility of paying taxes. If you own an automobile or property, in your name, you will have to pay taxes in the county in which the property is registered (See References 1). Taxes, usually, have to be paid annually at your local treasury office (See Referenes 2). If taxes are not paid by their due date, there is usually penalties that are added to the tax bill. To avoid these penalties, you will need to ensure that the taxes are paid.


Step 1

Call your local tax treasury office. Your local treasury is the department that collects taxes that are due on real estate and personal property. You can find the phone number by using a telephone directory or dialing 411 on your phone. You will need to provide the representative in the treasury's office with your name or map number of the property so that he or she can search if you have taxes that are due.

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Step 2

Visit the website of your local treasury. The Internet has now made it possible to see if you owe taxes by viewing the website of the treasury office. You can use a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, to search for the website of your local treasury. You may be able to obtain it by calling your local treasury office or getting it from your tax bill. Once you have the website, you will be able to search for your local tax records to see if you owe taxes (See References 3).


Step 3

Go to the treasury office. If you are not able to find out if you owe taxes any other way, go by your treasury department in the county you live in. This office is usually located in a building with other city offices. A representative in the department will obtain your information and find out if you owe any taxes (See References 3).

Step 4

Look at your bank statements. If you think that you paid the tax and you paid by check, look at your bank statements to see if the check was paid. If the check was paid but the treasury said that you still owe taxes, take a copy of the paid check or your bank statement to the treasury office to see why you still have taxes due.

Things You'll Need

  • Map number of property

  • Tax bill

  • Year of taxes due

  • Bank statement