How to Make a Payment on a Wells Fargo Mortgage

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As with any mortgage, a borrower has three different options to pay on a Wells Fargo Mortgage. A borrower can pay at a branch location, a borrower can pay using his coupon booklet or a borrower can pay online. It is important to note, however, that if the borrower is paying more than the required payment, he should denote that the extra is going to principal reduction or toward future payments to ensure the payment is going to the proper place.

Step 1

Look through the documents given to you at the closing table or your most recent month's mortgage statement. If you do not have a coupon book for your Wells Fargo mortgage, you will have a form attached to your statement that you can cut off and mail in with your check to Wells Fargo. Make sure that you mail this payment before the due date to avoid any late fees.

Step 2

Go to a Wells Fargo location, if available in your area. Take your payment coupon with you, as found in Step 1. Pay the teller your mortgage payment, referencing your payment coupon for the correct account number.

Step 3

Go online to Wells Fargo's website (see Resources) to sign up for online payments. Click the link on the left-hand side of the page reading: "Sign Up Now." Follow the instructions to enter your mortgage account information and your payment account information as well.


Set up an automatic monthly payment by enrolling online for automatic drafts or by requesting an automatic draft form from your lender. Send in a blank, voided check along with your request to start the process.


Even if your mortgage account is on automatic draft, check each month to make sure the payment has come out of your checking account. Computer errors can happen and a late mortgage payment can be expensive and can hurt your credit score.

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