How to Apply for Credit With HP

HP allows customers to use Bill Me Later as a payment option.

While HP does not offer a private credit card, its customers are instead offered the option to apply for credit using Bill Me Later as a payment option at checkout. Bill Me Later is a feature offered by CyberSource, a payment processing company, which defers payments based on the customer's credit history. This feature is similar to a credit card, allowing customers to pay monthly on HP purchases.


Step 1

Visit the HP website (see Resources).

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Step 2

Select the product(s) you are interested in purchasing. Click "Add to Cart."

Step 3

Select "Bill Me Later" as the payment method. Payment methods are located in the "Order Summary" area on the right-hand of the screen.


Step 4

Complete the account and shipping information screens.


Step 5

Select the "Bill Me Later" option. Click "Submit Order."

Step 6

Complete the "Bill Me Later" form. Read and accept the "Terms and Conditions." If credit is approved, a "Bill Me Later" account will be created and order will be shipped. If credit is not instantly approved, a notice with the decision will be received in the mail.


"Bill Me Later" accounts are subject to credit approval.



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