Government Grants for Land Purchase

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The last 20 years has shown a migration of urban dwellers to rural living. Families and businesses escaping crowded and crime-ridden urban environments are researching government land grants and buying land in rural areas. Grants for land purchase encourage the development of ranching, farming, alternate energy sources, and the promotion of agricultural activities. State agricultural grants also promote rural living and assist in building homes on the land.

Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program

The AMLR government land grants are authorized by the Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining, through the Surface Mining control and Reclamation Act of 1977. The objective of these grants for land purchase is to protect the general welfare of the public by reclaiming land and water affected by mining practices that occurred prior to August 3, 1977. These government land grants use funds for approved reclamation projects and project administration and can include all related activities like emergency programs, and the Appalachian Clean Streams program and Subsidence Insurance programs.

Conservation Grants

The Department of the Interior has a Fish and Wildlife Service that offers Conservation Grants Private Stewardship for Imperiled Species. These government grants provide federal support, including money, to organizations and individuals who conduct conservation programs on a local, private, and voluntary level. The conservation activities must be happening on private lands and the species must be listed under the Endangered Species Act or other validated at-risk species. The grants are awarded on a project basis.

Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers

These government grants strengthen the rural economy by assisting socially disadvantaged farmer and ranchers to own their own land and operations. Though not grants for land purchase, members of disadvantaged groups like Hispanic, Afro-American, Alaskan Natives, Native Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders receive grants for outreach, training, and technical assistance so that these farmers and ranchers can buy and operate their own farms and ranches.

State Agricultural Grants

Each state has its own programs for fostering agriculture, conservation, and the preservation of natural resources. It's important to approach each state independently to find out the programs that they offer. The state departments that most often have government land grants are the agricultural, small farm, and natural resource departments. Grants for land purchase can also be combined with other programs or enhance existing enterprises. State agricultural grants can work in cooperation with federal grants as well.

The government publishes grants on a regular basis. By registering on, researchers looking for grants for land purchase can stay on top of the opportunities as they are being published. Each grant has its own prerequisites and application fulfillment process. Each also has a closing date, so it is important to check the opportunities on a regular basis.

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