How to Add a Foreign Driver to an Insurance Policy

While in the United States, international drivers are subject to the same traffic laws as American citizens. This means that it is important for international drivers to have auto insurance if they plan to drive while visiting the United States. Many Americans choose to add friends or relatives to their own domestic auto insurance policies when they visit from other countries.


Step 1

Contact your insurance agent or insurance company. Explain that you would like to add an international driver to your insurance policy. When asked, provide the driver's name, date of birth and international driver's license number. It may also be necessary to provide information about any moving violations she may have gotten while driving in the United States.


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Step 2

Discuss coverage options. Advise your insurance company of the international driver's plans for operating the vehicle, including whether she will be an occasional or regular driver. Keep in mind that your existing limits of liability and comprehensive or collision choices will apply to any driver listed on your policy. Be sure to advise your agent if the driver has a vehicle of her own to add to the policy. Take clear notes, being especially careful to ask about coverage restrictions and additional costs.


Step 3

Pay an additional premium (when applicable). Your insurance company may ask you to pay an added premium for your new driver on the day the change is processed. This can usually be done over the phone with a check or credit card or in person with cash. If the premium is more than anticipated, ask your insurance company for more information about its monthly billing options.


Step 4

Ask for proof of insurance. Most insurance agents or insurance companies have the technology to generate temporary insurance cards on the spot. Ask to have the international driver's insurance cards emailed or faxed to save time.


If your insurance company won’t insure international drivers, find high-risk insurance companies or independent agents who specialize in nonstandard coverage. Many high-risk companies offer coverage to international drivers with very little hassle.


Please note that many insurance companies charge more to insure drivers with international licenses, which means that the premium billed could be double or triple the normal cost of adding a driver with a domestic license. You may be assessed a penalty if the international driver’s motor vehicle report is unavailable or impossible to verify.

Things You'll Need

  • Foreign driver’s name, date of birth and international driver’s license number

  • Pen and paper