Cheap Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

The holiday season presents many opportunities for creative ideas and holiday crafts by using the basic elements of home decor. One of the most opportune ways to add festive décor to any home is with the dinner table's centerpiece. Adding an inexpensive, yet crafty, focal point can lighten up the most drab holiday table scene.


Festive Pine Cone Centerpiece

A festive pine cone centerpiece is simple and inexpensive and adds a sense of natural warmth to the center of any table. Each of the pine cones in this centerpiece can feature festive design elements such as gold and silver paint, glitter or bows. Evergreen leaves, magnolia blooms or red berries mixed with these decorated pine cones, stacked and arranged in any bowl of appropriate size, provide a fabulous way to blend your home's festive holiday décor with your table.


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Ornament Bowl or Tower

Each year, most people have retired or unused tree decorations, such as garland and various ornaments. These tree leftovers are usable as the centerpiece to any holiday dinner table. Placing these leftover ornaments top down in a large bowl at the center of the table creates a multicolored and decorative centerpiece. Excess garland and icicles can also be added to the bowl or left as an accent piece placed at the base. Ornaments of various sizes and textures also can be placed in tall, transparent vases, adding an alternative to traditional bowls.


Candles and Candy Towers

Christmas and candy go hand in hand. Fudge, cookies, pie, and divinity are usually among the first candies and sweets eaten at any holiday party. However, miscellaneous store purchased candies are seemingly never touched. Therefore, use this untouched candy as an accent to the other appetizing desserts at the table. Place a variety of multicolored candies inside large, transparent vases of varying heights to add drama to any dessert table. Individual accent candles can be placed between the vases. Candy also can be scattered on the table at the base of the vases for accent.


Floating Candles in Colored Water

The age old décor of floating candles is a great way to spice up the center of any table. Typically, these candles can be purchased in any craft store and are available in traditional holiday themes. This basic and economical centerpiece can consist of three transparent vases of varying heights. Each vase can be filled with differing levels of dyed water. The color of the water contrasts with the color of the candle(s) but complements your other festive décor. The floating candles can be placed in each vase and lit, thereby illuminating the center of the table.


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