How to Fix Your Credit With Clark Howard

Clark Howard is the host of the Clark Howard Show, a nationally syndicated radio program dedicated to saving money and fiscal responsibility. One problem he has advised his listeners on in the past is how to fix their credit scores. Clark has mentioned that improving your credit score requires a combination of things that are ultimately very easy to do. Among them are paying your bills on time, finding out your credit score, and correcting possible errors on your credit report.

Finding Your Free Credit Score and Checking for Errors

Step 1

Visit and click on the "Start Here" tab. According to Clark Howard's Web site, is the best place to check your credit score for free.

Step 2

Fill out the personal information page with your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number.

Step 3

Choose the credit bureaus from which you would like to receive a credit report. Clark Howard recommends selecting all three: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Step 4

Click the "Next" tab and wait to be rerouted to the TransUnion Web site.

Step 5

Read over the page of offers on the TransUnion Web site. Clark Howard recommends clicking on the tab that reads "No Thanks."

Step 6

Examine your TransUnion credit report for errors. Missed payments will be highlighted in red and orange boxes while on-time payments will appear in green boxes. If you find an error, submit a dispute to TransUnion.

Step 7

Save or print out a copy of your TransUnion credit report for your records.

Step 8

Click "Return to" and you should be redirected to the Experian Web site.

Step 9

Bypass the offers on the Experian site and click on the "Annual Credit Report" tab.

Step 10

Review your Experian credit report for errors. Should you see any errors, submit a dispute to Experian and await a response.

Step 11

Save or print out a copy of the Experian credit report for your records.

Step 12

Click on the "Return to" and visit the Equifax Web site.

Step 13

Decline the offers presented to you and click on the credit report tab.

Step 14

Read over your Equifax credit report for errors. If any errors are present, you may submit a claim online to the Equifax Web site.

Step 15

Save or print out a copy of your Equifax credit report for your records.


In the event of an error, credit bureaus have 30 days to decide whether or not your dispute is indeed an error. If the credit bureau refuses to correct an error, you may file a lawsuit against them.