How to Buy Boeing Stocks

The Boeing company specializes in the production of airplanes, jets and different engines used in aircraft. Most large commercial airline providers use Boeing aircraft in their line-up of planes. Because Boeing is a public company, it is possible to invest in the company by purchasing stock. The process of purchasing Boeing stocks is essentially the same as buying any other company stock.


Step 1

Log into your online brokerage account. If you do not have one, you can create a free account through eTrade, Scottrade or Sharebuilder. Click "Create Account" once at the site and fill in the necessary information (name, address, banking information) to open your free account. (See Reference 1.)

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Step 2

Transfer money from your bank account into the brokerage account. You need to do this at least the day before you plan on making a trade because it often takes at one business day for the funds to transfer.


Step 3

Log onto your brokerage account. It will state on your welcome page how much money you have in the account. When the transferred money appears in the account, you can purchase the Boeing stock.

Step 4

Type "BA" into the stock symbol ticker bar. This brings up the Boeing stock trading information.

Step 5

Type in the amount of money or stocks you want to purchase and click "Buy." This brings you to a new page where you can read over the purchase details. Click "Confirm" (depending on the site you are using), and the brokerage site will take a few moments to complete the trade.