How to Easily Calculate a 20% Tip

After a fine meal at a local restaurant or diner, many are unsure as to what to leave as a tip. The simple fact is that most servers would expect around an 18% gratuity. That being said, it can fluctuate between 15% and 20%. Remember that even if you do not receive service that is up to your standards, this is how this person makes a living. Many say that if you plan on eating out at a restaurant, plan on never leaving less than 18%.

Easily Calculating 20%

Step 1

Take a look at your bill after your meal is finished. Take the grand total and multiply it by 2. (If the bill is 100: 100.00 x 2 = 200.00)

Step 2

Take that number and move the decimal point to the left one number. (200.00 = 20.00)

Step 3

Leave the appropriate amount. You have now calculated 20%. Use this as a starting point for deciding the exact percentage you will leave.


Calculate the tip after taxes. The majority of restaurants will have servers do their own tip-outs after taxes.
If you are at the bar, always pay your bar tab before going to your table. If you ask to transfer, there is a good chance the bartender will never see that tip money.