How to Pay a Restaurant Bill With a Credit Card

How to Pay a Restaurant Bill With a Credit Card
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  1. Credit card


Make sure the customer copy of your receipt matches the billed amount on your card. Keep your receipts until the charge has cleared your account. In the event of an error, call the restaurant immediately to have the charge corrected on your account. If the restaurant does not comply, call your bank for further instruction.


If you would like to give the server a tip in cash, leave the cash on the table and strike through the line marked "tip" on the receipt. Write the total on the last line to avoid a tip being written in by someone other than yourself.

Some people do not like to pay cash at restaurants, fearing that the server could take advantage of them. Others like the ease of using a credit or debit card at restaurants. Still others may use credit or debit cards to stay on their budgets, to better control the outflow of their money. Here is a step-by-step guide to paying for a restaurant bill with a credit card.

Step 1

Examine the restaurant bill for errors and to see if the tip is included in the purchase of the meal. The tip, or gratuity, is often included in the check for a large party of diners.

Step 2

Give the waiter or waitress or the cashier your credit card once you get the bill.

Step 3

Sign your name at the bottom of the receipt once the server or cashier has swiped your card. Include a tip on the tip line, if applicable. Give the waiter or cashier the signed copy of the receipt.

Step 4

Write your tip down on the customer copy of the receipt, if applicable, and save the receipt for bookkeeping purposes.