Feels That Every Entrepreneur Knows Too Well

As a business owner, you're bound to experience a flood of different feelings over time. There are plenty of highs and lows; you may start to think that you're actually going insane. These feelings are completely normal and are a sign that you're onto something. Here are some of those feelings every small business owner know too well.


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Let's face it — owning a business is freaking scary! It's totally different from having a traditional job where you're guaranteed a paycheck. You're on your own and your money/success depends on YOU. There's so much that goes into owning a business; being fearful about it all is pretty standard.


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I know a ton of business owners have asked themselves these questions before — "Is this really going to work out?"; "Will I be able to pull all of this off?" You may start to doubt your ability to make something out of nothing and pull it all off without being a complete failure.


What a beautiful thing. It's no better feeling than doing what you want to do and being free from having to go into someone else's company and go by their rules. When you own a business, you follow the beat of your own drum and no one can stop you.


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The excitement and happiness of knowing that you're living out your dreams and making things happen on your own is at an all-time high as a business owner. Wooooooo!


There's going to be days when you're just not as interested in your business as other days. That excitement about your business comes and goes. This is totally normal and doesn't mean that you should just up and quit once you get these feelings. Push through!


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At some point, business owners experience a loss of confidence about being able to make it work. As hiccups come along in the business, feelings of discouragement may follow.


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Seeing all of your hard work pay off is a wonderful reward. Knowing that you started a business and are actually good at it is one of the greatest feelings that you could ever experience.


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Some business owners just straight up regret ever stepping out on their own. They realize that the entrepreneur life just isn't what they expected it to be.

Burn Out

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Often times, as a business owner, you're putting in some long, hard hours. Most entrepreneurs work more in their business than they ever would on a regular job. Owning a business is not easy! Feeling overwhelmed is bound to happen along the way. This is why it's important to reach out for help from others when you can afford to.


Some business owners work on their business so much that they neglect other areas of their life. Relationships and other things may start to suffer if you're not careful.


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Hey — the reason you opened a business was because you believed in yourself and your goals/product/service. There had to be something you loved about it all in the first place!