What to Learn in Property Management

If you are starting a career in property management, there are a number of things you will need to learn. A property manager is responsible for overseeing the activities of a residential or commercial property on behalf of the owner. A property manager has to interact with the owner and other personnel associated with the property. Sometimes a property manager has to delegate certain duties and responsibilities to associates.


Customer Service

A property manager has to learn all areas of customer service because he will have to supervise the customer service representatives. A customer service representative has to receive rent payments, take orders for apartment repairs and answer general questions for tenants and prospective tenants concerning their living quarters. If a property manager is going to supervise customer service representatives then he must know what they do on a daily basis.

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Leasing Agents

A property manager must learn all of the functions of a leasing agent or consultant. Leasing agents are responsible for answering prospective tenants' questions about apartments units, allowing them to view the unit, taking credit applications, do background checks, verify employment, verify previous employment and run credit checks. They also go over lease agreements and collect payments and deposits. A leasing agent is responsible for showing tenants all the amenities of an apartment, such as the trash room, laundry room and the workout room. They also provide the tenants with keys and access security cards upon approval of their application.



Apartment units need maintenance from time to time. Request for repairs for the toilet, sinks, bath tubs and sinks are processed and the property manager needs to be aware of the process. Sometimes appliances have to be repaired or replaced and the property manager has to be aware of the process for ordering new appliances. Broken windows and screens need to be replaced periodically as well. A property manager has to make sure the maintenance personnel are keeping the grounds well maintained and all repairs are done in a timely fashion.



The apartment units have to be advertised to help recruit tenants and bring the apartment complex close to the goal of full capacity. The property manager has to know the most cost-effective methods for marketing and advertising of the rental units, such as the local newspaper. They also have to plan specials where new tenants receive discounts as part of a promotion.


A property manager must have complete knowledge about the eviction process. Tenants from time to time fall behind on their rent and the property manager must know when late fees are applied and when the eviction process should start. Property managers must know how the entire process works including interactions with the sheriff's department and appearances in court.



When tenants move out, a property manager must know the process for restoring a room to its original condition using the most cost-effective methods possible. Property managers have to make sure the apartment units are making a profit for the owner of the facility.