How to Cancel Endless Youth Vitamins

Placing an order for Endless Youth vitamins is often much simpler than canceling one. While it is easy to get frustrated with the cancellation process, be persistent and document all your actions. Keeping careful records of every phone conversation and written request will help you avoid billing problems in the future.

How to Cancel Endless Youth Vitamins

Step 1

Call Endless Youth at (888) 848-2797 with your mailing address and billing information. Be prepared for a long wait, since hold times can range from 10 to 40 minutes. When you get through to an associate, ask him to cancel your order and discontinue auto billing. Record the name of the representative that you speak with along with the date and time of your call. If the representative gives you his name at the beginning of the conversation, always remember to verify the correct name and spelling before getting off the phone.

Step 2

Call your bank or credit card company. Explain that you recently canceled auto billing with Endless Youth vitamins and state that any future attempts to charge your account by Endless Youth should be considered unauthorized. Document the date and time of the call along with the name of the representative with whom you speak.

Step 3

Write a letter of cancellation referencing your conversation with Endless Youth vitamins. Include the name of the representative that you spoke to along with the exact date and time of the conversation. Mail a signed and dated copy of the letter via certified mail to:

Guthy-Renker LLC 41550 Eclectic Street STE 200 Palm Desert CA 92260


Endless Youth 95 Old Shoals Road Attn: Returns Dept. Arden, NC 28704

Also send a copy of your letter with delivery confirmation to:

Endless Youth P.O. Box 1851 Arden, NC 28704

Step 4

Mail a copy of your cancellation request to your bank or credit card company. Include a letter written directly to your bank referencing the conversation in which you notified the bank of the billing cancellation. If possible, send this letter via certified mail, but if certified mail is not an option, request delivery confirmation.

Step 5

Keep copies of all letters, delivery confirmations, signature receipts, and conversations. Check your bank statements and credit card statements for unauthorized charges from Endless Youth, GRN VITAPOWER or Guthy-Renker LLC. If any charges appear, contact your bank or credit card company. Inform them of your previous request for cancellation, reference your documented letter and conversations, and have them reverse the charges. In addition, you may contact your local Attorney General's office to file a complaint.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone

  • Computer with printer

  • Access to a post office